Workplace Trends Candidates and Hiring Managers Shouldn’t Ignore

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Workplace Trends Candidates and Hiring Managers Shouldn’t Ignore

I might describe the Forbes list of 19 Workplace Predictions for 2019 as, both, on the mark and completely off-the-wall.  I agree with some points and disagree with others.

The list was proactive, but, more importantly, brought up workplace trends that may scope the work of candidates looking for jobs and hiring managers looking to fill positions during the upcoming year –

Trends For Job-Seekers:

  1. There is a workplace trend in candidates advancing their job searches through their own personal network. Applicants may start their search online but will turn to trusted sources quickly for insider tips and information.

The Undercover Recruiter provides for several strategies to ensure your network is strong, including: getting to know your network well, making a clear ask of them and not dismissing any previous acquaintance as a source of a leg-up in the interviewing process.

  1. A disconnect will continue to exist between the adequacy of annual raises employers are giving and the employee’s perceived ability to earn better salaries at another company. Data from The Balanced Careers shows that companies will provide for ~3% annual increase in 2019 – the same level as the last two years.

A standard, universal raise is not seen, though, as a luxury.  In fact, a standard inflation-based salary bump can alienate the company’s top performers who expect to get more relative to their less-productive colleagues.

Trends For Hiring Managers and Companies looking for Talent:

  1. Forbes suggests that major overhauls to the process of recruiting are needed to find and retain the employees all companies pine for. Not only must the initial application be quick, the interviewing process must be seamless and flexible.

For years, we’ve talked to hiring mangers frustrated by their inability to find top talent for attractive jobs.  If your process seems efficient but not yielding the best applicants, the issue might be your ability to stay close to current employees and past candidates.

One idea that is trending, called Candidate Relationship Management, focuses on keeping the company top-of-mind for past candidates that may be looking again in the future.  Make sure the recruitment process is set up to keep all applicants informed of all the great things your company is doing – even if they aren’t right for today’s job posting.

  1. My key takeaway for hiring manager continues to be a topic that the Forbes article confirms – finding a compensation strategy that works, makes you unique and pays fairly in today’s marketplace.

If you have a great candidate for a position that is hard to fill, don’t waste time.  Make a strong, initial offer that is fair and shows the candidate that you’re eager to have them join the team.

But, don’t just limit your compensation strategy to the people that might join the team.  Ensure that high-performing, current employees feel as valued.  Encourage your teammates to tell their contacts about your open positions and company.  After all, satisfied employees are the best company pitch-makers.

We see these trends every day.  And, while the internet is great for quickly posting jobs to world, it has created a distinct pile of winners and losers.

The companies and employees that are winning aren’t nameless and faceless.  They are differentiated and putting resources into standing apart from the crowd of web-clutter.

Those losing are set in their ways, believe that simply having an online presence is enough to draw attention while not using available tools to find the best option.

Which pile are you in today?

And, more importantly, are you adapting to establish, solidify or move to the top of the winner’s pile soon?

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