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The Week’s Best Reading – In 10 Minutes or Less!

Happening Right Now


For the next few weeks I will be sharing my thoughts on corporate culture as well as the ongoing War for Talent that’s taking place in the Electrical Construction industry.  If you haven’t had a chance to review my posts on this topic so far, have a look!

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News From the Industry


I’ve come across a number of great articles on corporate culture recently.  Here are just a few that are worth checking out:  

Managing The Super Talented Is Super Difficult(via Joseph Gulfo)

Employee Engagement Is Not Just For HR(via Paul Keijzer)

5 Ways To Make Any Job a Dream Job For Your Employees  (via Dan Finnigan)


Others To Follow


Here are some Twitter accounts worth following if you’re interested in Employee Engagement

To Win in The Marketplace, You Must First Win in The Workplace

via Robert Mason


“Jobseekers are consumers & mimic this behavior. Create a synergy between your employer brand, talent brand, and recruiter brand

via Stacie Ratliff


“People stay at their place of employment because of the people they work for and with”

via Allison Grealis


Autumn Is Fast Approaching!

Living in Florida, it’s sometimes tough to tell when the season is changing but my A/C is definitely looking forward to the break!  As you roll into the 4th quarter, keep your goals in front of you and remember this:

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to competition”

– Jack Welch


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