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The Weeks Best Reading – In 10 Minutes Or Less!

Happening Right Now

Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking part in a live panel discussion next week where I was able to share my thoughts on corporate culture. As a result, I’ve wrapped up my blog series on the same topic this week with the results of my recent survey.  If you haven’t had a chance to look through the series yet, here’s are all the posts so far:

  1. Corporate Culture: A Competitive Advantage
  2. Winning The War 4 Talent
  3. Hungry For More: A Conversation With The Modern Employee
  4. Thanks For Your Insights!
  5. Improving Your Corporate Culture: Part 1
  6. Improving Your Corporate Culture: Part 2
  7. Nurturing Your Team
  8. The Art of The Exit Interview – 4 Things You Need To Know
  9. Corporate Culture: I Want To Hear From You!
  10. My Survey On Corporate Culture: A First Look
  11. Corporate Culture: 4 Steps To Better Succession Planning
  12. Corporate Culture: Plan Out Your On-boarding Process
  13. The Results Are In – Part 1
  14. The Results Are In – Part 2

I would love to hear from my readers on this topic so feel free to send over your thoughts too!

Positions Of Need

Also, there are a number of new positions I need to fill ASAP.  If you’re looking for a new opportunity, let me know right away.  Or, if you would like to be notified about new positions as they become available, you can subscribe HERE.  I’ve listed some of the recently available positions below, have a look:

For a listing of all the other featured positions I’m looking to fill, have a look HERE.


News From the Industry

Here are few articles that hit my inbox this week that I think my audience would find helpful:

Why CIO’s Should Spend Less Time Behind Their Desks (via Sam Lamonica)

2015’s Most Absurd Excuses For Calling In Sick (via Human Resources Online)

Electrical Contractor Shortage Endagers $1B Projects (via SyndiGate Media)

Fly Friday!

I always close out the week with words of wisdom for my audience.  Here’s something to chew on over the weekend.

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere”

– Albert Einstein



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