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Working with Goliath Construction Consulting was a very smooth and easy process.  The potential opportunities presented to me were outstanding and very high-quality leads.  Goliath will be my go-to for electrical career placement, and I highly recommend Tyson and the services his company provides to anyone.  Tyson is always available, makes the process comfortable, and makes sure any transitions are the right fit.

Mike, Senior Electrical Project Manager

Goliath Construction Consulting was instrumental in finding a quality employer during the pandemic situation of 2020. Tyson was diligent in tracking and providing all opportunities as they became available. I would highly recommend him and Goliath Construction Consulting for all electrical needs, whether it be a candidate to fill a position or an employment opportunity.

Kevin, Senior Electrical Project Manager

My experience with Tyson and Goliath Construction Consulting was great from start to finish. He took the time to get to know me and my career interests. I was looking to move from the Northeast to the South due to family and the fact my wife could no longer endure New England winters. I came from a very large electrical construction company running multi-million dollar electrical projects and he was able to put me in front of similar companies.  Tyson was a good intermediary during the interview and transition process. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking to transition either locally or even across the country. He is the real deal and his family-owned company is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes hectic construction market.

Scot, Electrical Superintendent

It still seems too good to be true! When Tyson Conrad contacted me about a great job offer six months ago, I thought it was too good to be true. Now here I am, still living the dream! This never would have happened if not for the diligence and persistence of Tyson himself. He is a true expert in his field.

George, Senior Electrical Project Manager

My experience working with Tyson was absolutely positive and I couldn’t be more pleased. He is very strategic in his approach to submitting resumes, setting up interviews etc. Goliath will not just blast your resume to every company in the country which is very unique. Tyson’s line of communication was always open ensuring I was well taken care of. I highly recommend anyone looking for an electrical position to contact Tyson, he will get you the job you are looking for! I look forward to using Goliath for my future staffing needs.

Ryan, Senior Electrical Project Manager

I had the pleasure to work with Tyson on my job search. Working with Goliath was first-class every step of the way. Tyson took the time to get to know my wants and needs in my search. He is a true professional and his communication was outstanding. He spoke to me before and after every step of the process. I have been placed at a new job and I hear from Tyson every week just to see how things are going. He was also very instrumental in my negotiating process as he knew the market and his clients very well. I would 100% recommend Tyson and Goliath in your next search. You will not be disappointed.

Travis, Operations Manager

Tyson did a great job finding the right fit with the right company for me and my career advancement. He kept me updated minute to minute on what was happening during the whole process. After everything was agreed upon and I was hired on, he kept in touch with how things were going. Thank you, Tyson, for your hard work and being dedicated to helping me with my career.

Corey, Electrical Service Department Manager

Tyson continually strives to meet the needs of our extremely fast growing company. He understands the quality of professionals it takes to meet our standards and continually exceeds our expectations. In a market where the diamond in the rough is hard to find, Tyson continues to find them.

Doug, Senior Electrical Project Manager

From the beginning (sending my resume) and through today when Tyson calls to check in on me in my new role – the whole experience has been easy with Tyson at my side.  Not only did everything go smooth, but Tyson knew what to expect from both sides.  It was tough to make the decision to change employers, but at no time did Tyson pressure me.  If I ever need to make a career change in the future, I know who to call. Thanks Tyson!

Anthony, Electrical Superintendent

Tyson is an extremely efficient operator that is highly motivated and has a great eye for talent. I look forward to our next collaboration.

John, President, National Electrical Contractor

My personal experience working with Goliath was great. Tyson was transparent and honest with the negotiation process,  and very reliable with his response time.

Kevin, VDC Coordinator

Tyson is a very passionate professional and works extremely well with employees, customers and candidates for employment. He’s truthful and very hard working and definitely one of the most talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Todd, Project Executive

I want to thank you for your help in my last career move. I appreciate how you diligently worked, searching in the states I requested until you found the perfect match for me. I will definitely refer you to any of my colleagues that are looking for a change. Thanks again!

Richard, Electrical Superintendent

Tyson was the support system that I needed when I started looking for a job. He helped me improve my resume and guided me on suitable roles based on my skills and experience.

Tyson was always available to answer any questions that I had. Some people are not just professionals, they are simply born for the jobs they do and manage to impact the people they work within a very positive way.

Thank you Tyson for your guidance, your positivity, and for being tremendously helpful!

Cecil, Electrical Superintendent

I highly recommend Goliath Construction Consulting if you are looking for a career change in the electrical field. Tyson has a wide network of companies with which he has strong relationships, he listens and understands his clients’ desires and then he goes to work to find the perfect match. What I really liked about Tyson was his patience and diligence working with me until I felt comfortable with the fit. He works tirelessly until he gets the deal done.

Cameron, Chief Electrical Estimator

Working with Tyson was a great experience. As we went through the process he listened to me and worked with me to ensure I would be taking 2 steps forward. I spoke to Tyson about my career goals and he listened. He paired me up with a company that will allow me to reach my career dreams. So Tyson actually listening to me and following up months after I was hired with the new company has been a great experience working.  Thank you Tyson!

Mike, Electrical Superintendent

Tyson is an excellent recruiter and very skilled at developing and maintaining long term relationships. Tyson always follows up to make sure all parties are satisfied and things are the way they were promised. He is a positive, forward thinking, out of the box type of professional and I look forward to working with him in again in the near future.

Steve, Preconstruction Manager

When I was looking for a positive change in the job market, it was intimidating and stressful. Once I made contact with Tyson at Goliath, it instantly felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders because I could relate to him. Tyson downplays the stress and makes you feel comfortable with the process. He makes you feel like you do have someone covering your back to get the results you want. Tyson did his magic and within a very short time I was connected with a pair of excellent opportunities for my future.

He walked me through the maze of a new employment opportunity and helped me to realize strengths and skills that I had overlooked.

Tyson does a great job of being a recruiter, coach, mentor and friend that will get you to the finish line in the lead. In fact, when it is time for a change, Tyson at Goliath will be the first contact for my future.

Patrick, Senior Electrical Estimator

It was truly a pleasure working with Tyson Conrad in searching for the perfect spot with the right company. Tyson went above and beyond in negotiations, was very involved in the relocation, and assisted above and beyond the call of duty. His professionalism and dedication is why I would recommend Goliath in your next move. Thanks Tyson!

Joe, General Superintendent

I am writing to thank you for working with me in finding my new position as a Quality Control Specialist. When we spoke a few months ago about my job experience, you did an outstanding job in providing me with appropriate options. After I decided on the company and position, it was appreciated how you assisted in getting me in for a prompt interview. You continually followed up with me to check the status of the hiring process and offered support. You are very professional, and I will recommend your services to my family and friends in the future.

Ben, QA/QC Specialist

Tyson was amazing to work with. He took time to understand what I was looking for in a career change and then found the companies that aligned. The process of changing jobs can be stressful, but Tyson was there for me every step of the way providing unbiased advice and valuable insight. A huge thanks from me and my family for helping me find the “right” workplace in addition to finding a new career. I have also found a new industry partner.

Greg, Project Manager

We have used Goliath Construction Consulting on several occasions for our most important talent searches with great success. Tyson Conrad and his team are well-connected and professional and provide a balanced approach to the needs of both parties. They have been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Goliath to anyone needing to fill a key role in the electrical industry.

Tim, Executive Vice President

Tyson was able to get me a job with a great company in less than a week after contacting him. Because of Tyson, my family and I were able to relocate from California to Texas. He is a true professional in this field, knowing exactly how to get the process dialed in for a smooth transition.  My family and I thank you, Tyson!

Luke, Electrical Superintendent

Tyson Conrad was extremely professional and efficient in placing me in a lifelong career company. He gathered all of my information and pulled all resources available to him and was able to find a few contractors willing to interview me for the position I am currently hired in now. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend him to other professionals looking to further their future in the industry.

Matt, Electrical Superintendent

I had a great experience working with Tyson. He responded quickly and guided me through the entire process. He was able to provide helpful information regarding how the company I interviewed with operated and how they handled the new hire process. Ultimately he worked to create a win-win situation for both myself and my new employer.

Don, Project Manager

Working with Tyson has been a pleasure. He listened to my needs and requirements. I did not feel pressured in any way. He provided multiple companies across the nation for me to speak with. If the need ever arises again, I know I can count on him.

Mitch, Electrical Superintendent

With the help of Tyson, I finally got the job I was looking for in the exact location I was looking.  Tyson also helped make the transition very easy for me. Thank you, Tyson!

Anthony, Senior Project Manager

Over the course of my career, I’ve been contacted off and on by recruiters.  Tyson Conrad is unique in that he isn’t a “one-stop shop” unless you are in his specific industry. No cookie-cutter recruiting here. He focuses on candidates within his targeted industry to ensure he finds each one the perfect fit.  Not only does he understand the companies he is recruiting for (pay, benefits, culture, regions, etc) he also understands your potential career paths. Let’s face it, in my 20 years of working within the construction industry, new position titles have been created, new software developed, org charts have changed, etc. He understands these changes and knows how to help you understand them, the opportunities available to you, where you’ll fit, and does his best to balance all of this with what makes you happy. Meeting Tyson and giving him a shot is the “luckiest” thing that has happened to me in my career. Trusting him enough to take his advice was the smartest. Thanks, Tyson!

Brian, Preconstruction Project Manager

When I called Tyson I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I immediately felt reassured that I had made the right decision in my career search.  Tyson not only has a ton of contacts but he was attentive to my specific needs and made me feel like I was his only client. If the need ever arises, I wouldn’t hesitate on using Goliath Construction Consulting again.

Chris, Electrical Superintendent

I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for all your help in helping me find the perfect place to work. I cannot express enough, my gratitude for all your help. You were very instrumental in getting me relocated from Colorado to Florida. At that time, you didn’t really know me. I reached out asking for your help in getting relocated to Florida after I had lost my job in Denver. You went to work immediately. After several interviews, I received an offer that was impossible to refuse. Not only did I receive the income and benefits desired, I also received several perks outside normal expectations. I attribute that to your knowledge of the market but more importantly, your knowledge of the contractor and my skill set. You took the time to get to know me and what I had to offer. You also had knowledge of the contractor as you had worked with them several times in the past. It was a perfect match for both sides. At least that’s way I see it. I couldn’t be happier.

John, Senior Project Manager

It was a true pleasure working with Tyson Conrad. After working with several other recruiters with minimal interviews and lots of phone calls, Tyson had several interviews and contacts set up quickly. He stayed in contact with me but did not swamp me with needless calls and emails, or try to push me into an interview I was not interested in. It was a great experience working with a true professional and if I ever need a recruiter in the future, I will call Tyson.

Scott, Senior Electrical Estimator

Tyson at Goliath was great to work with! He quickly found me a position working for a top national electrical contractor where I could use the skills I accumulated throughout my career. He is very easy to work with, has numerous great contacts, guides you all the way through the process and stays in touch after. In all, it was a great experience and if I had to do it again, he would be my first contact.

Andy, Preconstruction Manager

Working with Tyson was an absolute pleasure. He made my move from one company to another incredibly easy. He was never pushy during the process, was always available for questions, and helped make my move seamless. Having a trusted person in the recruitment consulting industry gives me peace of mind if I am ever in need.

David, Electrical Project Manager

My experience with Goliath Construction Consulting exceeded all my expectations. I had never enlisted outside help in past job searches, but Goliath was very easy to work with and Tyson definitely made the process as painless as possible. Aside from having a large amount of prospective employers from around the country, Tyson made sure I was prepared for each interview and let me know what to expect. If you are looking for a job in the Construction Industry, I would definitely recommend contacting Goliath Construction Consulting.

Adam, Electrical Project Manager

I would like to acknowledge how glad I am to have been recruited by Tyson Conrad with Goliath.  Since I was hired with my new company, my life has been nothing but one big learning experience with all the perks of a successful career.   I appreciate everything he does on a monthly basis to make sure this fit is still positive.  If I ever feel like changing paths again, he will be the first person I call for information on where to look next!

James, Electrical Superintendent

Working with Goliath was as easy a process as could be hoped for by both applicants and their clients. Tyson and his team were able to get me an offer letter in less than a week for my dream job. From the original solicitation for a different position to signing on to a different division, the entire affair was simple and streamlined.

Mike, Electrical Project Manager

Tyson was very helpful and knowledgeable during the whole process. He asked intelligent questions in the beginning to make sure he connected me to the company that was the fit for me. He also helped me negotiate my pay before I hired on with the new company.

Ben, Electrical Superintendent

Tyson Conrad has been in communication with me for years, but I always felt that when the time was right for me to change companies, I would be able to handle the search and transition myself. After trying myself with limited success, I reached out to Tyson. After an in-depth interview, Tyson went to work connecting me with firms meeting my needs. His experience and knowledge, combined with my resume allowed us to target companies in expanding markets. Our progress and pace went exactly as Tyson described and he was there for each step from targeting prospective companies, interviews to the negotiation process. From my perspective, Tyson made this as personal for him as it was for my family and my long-term success will always be tied to his dedication for my placement.

Clint, Electrical Project Manager

I know that during my job search, with many recruiters, that Tyson performed the best for me by getting me actual phone interviews and in-person interviews which ultimately led to me getting this great job.  He was knowledgeable and somewhat demanding in the beginning, but those demands ended up telling Tyson exactly what I was looking for and where I fit best so I appreciate everything he made me provide him.  If I ever get the “wondering feeling” (not for a long time), I will definitely contact Tyson to see what he can do for me as an employee.

Matthew, Electrical Project Manager / Estimator

Tyson did an outstanding job helping me find a great company that I can see myself happy with for years to come! Thank you, Tyson!

Jerry, Electrical Superintendant

Tyson with Goliath was excellent to work with. I was looking to relocate and was able to find a solid match for my career path. There was no pressure to accept an offer and I received some solid advice throughout the process.

Tony, Electrical Superindentant

Tyson is very straight forward and easy to work with. He listened to what I was looking for and connected me with a great company. Within a matter of 2 weeks I began my employment with my new firm, and it could not have been a better fit. Thanks Tyson for your diligent work.

Ed, Senior Project Manager

Tyson is very personable and direct. He exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him.

Lindsay, Electrical Project Manager

Tyson is a detailed and thorough recruiter who works hard to make ensure a strong professional and personal fit for his clients.

Ken, Electrical Estimator

Goliath Construction Consulting gave me the opportunity to move to Florida to be with my family. I had been trying to find a job for several months without any success until Tyson Conrad with Goliath contacted me. Within two weeks I had three opportunities and two job offers in Tampa, and it was because of Tyson’s hard work that I am now with my family, thank you Tyson.

Michael, Service Project Manager

I would highly recommend Tyson if you are looking for a new opportunity in the construction industry. Tyson has a outstanding track record of finding the right opportunities for his clients.

Joseph, Electrical Superintendent

I’ve had many recruiters contact me in the construction and tech industries, and Tyson has been by far the best experience I’ve had, period. Tyson is upfront, real, and transparent. He knows the ins and outs of the industry, as well as the CEOs of the leading companies.  After the first phone call, I felt a high level of personal trust, which stayed true through the entire process.  I had a job within 3 days that met my needs and wants for my family. I have Tyson to thank for growth in my career and more time with my family.

Brent, Assistant Project Manager

I’ve had quite a few “Head Hunters” contact me during my time in the electrical field but none were able to follow through. Tyson is an exceptional recruiter. He did not try to pressure me like the others and always looked out for my best interests. He always made himself available and answered any questions I had. He made the transition from my dead-end job to my career an easy one. I would recommend Tyson to anyone looking to better their lives.

Trent, Electrical Estimator

Tyson was very helpful when I was searching for a new job. He guided me through the process, told me what to expect and got me a career with a great company. I know if I never contacted Tyson, I would not have the opportunities I have today!

Danny, Electrical Project Manager

Tyson made me feel very comfortable through the interview process, getting to the interview and thoroughly explaining the company culture. Tyson is a professional and the best at what he does.

Doug, Senior Electrical Project Manager

Tyson is a tireless recruiter and advocate for the company. Personable, easy to get along with, who always follows up and follows through. Great grasp of the legal concerns involved in HR and staffing while being able to effectively balance the business demands. Tyson is the type of guy one would want on the front line hunting for the best candidates and screening out the bad ones.

Bill, Legal Counsel at National Electrical Contractor

I had the opportunity to work with Tyson almost a year ago. He listened to me and then figured out a plan that would introduce me to the right companies for me. He really understands what is important to both parties involved and only then makes the correct connections. Thank you, Tyson!

Dale, Electrical Senior Superintendent

My experience with Tyson was very beneficial! He got me an interview almost immediately after our initial conversation. I was hired making more than I expected. Great experience, 5 stars!

Scott, Safety Director

Tyson was awesome to work with. He made a stressful situation far less stressful. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a change at the time, but he found the right fit for me and helped me along the way. I’m grateful for his help!

Ryan, Electrical Superintendent

Working with Tyson Conrad of Goliath Construction Consulting was a great experience. Tyson was professional and kept me informed of the progress along the way.

Larry, Safety Director



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