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Relocation Dos and Don’ts

Relocation Tips for Job Seekers and Companies Hiring

The job is here, the perfect candidate is there – can this work?

I know that thinking about relocation can seem initially daunting – for both candidate and company.Plane Window

After all, the costs are big, the short-term impacts are real and the distance between candidate and hiring manager creates an additional obstacle during the interview process.

But, as the need for employers to cast a broader net to land the right candidate expands, so should our collection knowledge of relocation packages – a critical topic in finding and hiring the most qualified person in today’s market.

Both job seekers and companies looking for workers, can demystify the relocation process by preparing accordingly.


Relocation Tip for Candidates and Hiring Companies: 

Do your research.

As the interview process begins, both candidate and the interested company should understand the locational differences that exist if a job offer were to eventually come.

There are several aspects to consider:

  • Costs of living adjustments: compare the costs of housing, schools, groceries, medical coverages and other considerations
  • Social changes: assess more subjective measures of how well the candidate fits into the new community such as religious considerations, diversity, average commute times, etc.


There are resources to help with the cost of living assessments that are readily available to all parties – make sure to check them out early in the process.


Relocation Tips for Hiring Companies

  • Tip #1: Create a relocation budget and a plan to stick to it.

Don’t set yourself up to fail – be upfront about how much assistance a candidate could expect given the level of expertise required to do the job.

It may be necessary to create some “wiggle room” in the relocation budget if landing the right candidate takes more (or less) investment.


  • Tip #2: The goal is to provide the candidate LESS friction

Employers should not lose track of the fact that moving can be very stressful for the candidate – no matter how much they might want to make the jump.

Hiring companies should plan to provide the time and resources necessary to make sure the perfect job seeker does not eventually balk at the notion of moving.


The most impactful way to do so is to bring the candidate to the location for a few days – allow them time around the interview process to check out the area, schools, and entertainment options.


Ultimately, the right candidate will picture themselves starting anew with your position after such a trip.   


Relocation Tips for Job Seekers

  • Tip #1: Get your family on-board right away.

If those around you are not aligned to the prospect of moving, the process is doomed to fail.

Job seekers should have a very good idea if the new location would suit their families before accepting any benefit (such as an on-site interview or trip to the area).

If the new location will “take some convincing”, be honest with the hiring manager during the process.  If they sense that relocation is causing undue stress, they may be able to help.


  • Tip #2: Be reasonable with your expectations.

A possible paid relocation is a two way street – and job seekers interviewing for opportunities in other geographies shouldn’t be greedy.

The costs and risks are high for companies bringing candidates in.

Creating a mutual respect with your future employer starts with making sure the package being asked for properly balances the risk for everyone involved – not only you.


A bridge is needed to get from here to there – following these do’s and don’ts can help build it for hiring companies and qualified job seekers.

Start building that bridge, and a top-notch team, right away.

Need help navigating the relocation process?  Contact Goliath today.


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