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[INFO GRAPHIC] Goliath Announces 2016 Plans


January 27, 2016


(TAMPA) – In a new Infographic, Goliath Construction Consulting has announced their plan to double revenue from placements in the western United States in 2016.  Founded in 2013 by Tyson Conrad, the company works to match top tiered talent in the Electrical Construction industry with companies that focus on large scale commercial and industrial construction projects.

Providing employers and candidates with a better experience during the recruiting process, Goliath will focus on expanding its reach into California, Oregon, and Washington, to take advantage of the ongoing construction boom taking place in those states.  In order to meet the growing demand of construction companies, Goliath will also increases its efforts to find candidates that are already out west as well as candidates who are willing to relocate for the right opportunity.  In addition to revenue growth, Goliath also has plans to effectively double the size of its operation to help keep pace from a logistics standpoint.  

In a recent interview, Tyson Conrad offered his thoughts on what the commercial and industrial construction industry can expect in 2016.  “Believe it or not, the falling price of oil is actually having a positive impact on the trades.  Energy workers who have been recently laid off are on the lookout for new opportunities in North America and the construction industry is at the top of their list from what I’m seeing.”  

The founder went on to explain, “Normally, an influx of labor will drag down wages and limit opportunities but construction is unique in this instance because there’s already a labor shortage.  In 2015, many construction companies had to turn down contracts as a result of not having enough labor on hand to meet the demand.  Now that labor is less of an issue, these companies can take on the high paying projects that offer the best opportunities to top tiered candidates.”

As the U.S. economy transitions to a younger and more service oriented workforce, the demand for qualified electrical contractors will likely remain high for the next several years.  Witnessing the hiring boom first hand, Goliath Construction Consulting has decided to follow a course that will invest revenues into demand-centered growth.  


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