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Other Hiring Pitfalls: Bias and Complacency

All through August I’ve sent a series of posts about the wrinkles that our instincts and emotions can introduce to the recruiting process.  In my last post, I walked you through the in’s and out’s of fear and hope in particular.

Beyond the 4 instincts we’ve already explored (greed, pride, fear, and hope), I think it’s important to explore 2 other lines of thought that can get all of us into trouble.  Bias and complacency can get in the way if you’re not careful so we’ll work with these as our topic for today.



All of us are subject to bias and it’s sometimes difficult to recognize when it’s affecting us in the workplace.  As a hiring manager, bias can pop up if you’re overly focused on the polish applied to a candidate’s resume.  While a resume is the first professional exposure you’ll get to a candidate, it doesn’t tell their entire story.  Keep your attention focused on the individual to give yourself the best shot at a home run.

On the resume front, if you’re on the hunt for a new opportunity and writing isn’t your strong point – hire someone to write it for you!  There are a number of companies out there that provide resume writing services and your recruiter can usually lend a hand here as well.



Are you buying the drill?  Or the hole?

Always remember that you’re purchasing an outcome with every decision you make.  When there’s no outside pressure to excel, it’s easy to overlook the realities.  Keep in mind that even though many elements of the economy are on shaky ground right now – electrical construction is booming!  This means that you’re involved in a war for talent, whether you realize it or not.

Maybe you’re a hiring manager flush with resumes so you feel like you can take it easy for the next several months.  Never forget, you’re only one person quitting away from having to hire again so stay on your toes.  If you locate a top notch candidate, you need to act quickly!  Remember, your competitors are out there fishing in the same pond and they will work to snap up your candidate if you don’t hook them first.

When things feel safe and comfortable, that should be your warning sign that complacency is starting to set in.  Now is the time to challenge yourself!  Look for ways to do be more efficient.  Spend some time performing a “post mortem” on the last 3 bad decisions you made.  Recognize your weaknesses, stretch outside of your comfort zone, and set goals to keep yourself pointed forward at all times.


Wrapping Up

Watch for my conclusion post on this theme next week!

Also, a reminder, I’ll be wrapping this series into an eBook in the coming weeks so please sign up here if you’re interested in getting one of the first copies!

I would like to include thoughts on the subject from my audience so if you would be interested in providing me with a quote for the eBook, please reply to this message and let me know!


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