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CAD/BIM Detailer (Omaha, Nebraska)

CAD/BIM Detailer (Omaha, Nebraska) Position Overview:

The CAD/BIM Detailer (Omaha, Nebraska) as assigned, draw wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, schematics, and layout drawings used for manufacture, installation, and repair of electronic equipment.

CAD/BIM Detailer Responsibilities Include:

  • Consult with engineers to discuss and interpret design concepts, and determine requirements of detailed working drawings.
  • Use of the BIM (Building Information Model) on a regular basis.
  • Draft detail and assembly drawings of design components, circuitry and printed circuit boards, using computer-assisted equipment or standard drafting techniques and devices.
  • Locate files relating to specified design project in database library, load program into computer, and record completed job data.
  • Key and program specified commands and engineering specifications into computer system to change functions and test final layout; BIM.
  • Review blueprints to determine customer requirements and consult with assembler regarding schematics, wiring procedures, and conductor paths.

CAD/BIM Detailer Qualifications:

  • High school diploma (or GED or High School Equivalence Certificate).
  • Experience in BIM/REVIT in the construction industry.
  • Working knowledge of electrical systems preferred.
  • Strong computer skills including email, routine database activity, word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, etc.
  • Attention to extreme detail required.

CAD/BIM Detailer Compensation:

  • Competitive compensation dependent on experience and work history.
  • Comprehensive employee benefits package.

CAD/BIM Detailer (Omaha, Nebraska)

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