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Fat Funnel of Projects, Skinny Candidate Pool

Make no mistake – all of us love the stream of ITB’s coming across our desks each week.

At the same time, though, the ability to quickly staff projects, with the right expertise, at exactly the right time in preparation for the new high-rise project keeps us awake at night.

This is today’s reality for all major construction companies nationwide.

Frankly, though, I’m tired of talking about a skilled labor shortage.

In fact, I refuse to talk about the topic anymore – a skinny candidate pool and a fat funnel of pending projects is what it is.

With an unemployment rate in the 4% range – all signs point to this trend continuing.

Working from there, this new normal can be an excuse or an opportunity in finding and hiring new, skilled talent.

I’m squarely focused on opportunities.

Is your team?

Typical Excuses:

I hear excuses about the inability to hire the right candidates everyday:

”We won’t be able to pay him enough.”

“He’s in Portland, it’s too expensive to relocate him to Vegas.”

“He looks like a great candidate…and we need someone like him, but I’m too busy to talk with him right now, so I will probably lose out.”

There is one constant with each of these excuses – the initial assumption of failure.

Turning Excuse into Opportunity

In today’s market, the ability to find and hire the right candidate – those that fit well into your team, have the skills required and are available in the timeframes needed – requires more.

Successful hiring now demands:

  • creativity in compensation packages
  • flexibility in understanding an interested candidate’s timelines and needs
  • immediate responsiveness during recruitment

It is very likely that the people you’re looking to hire for the upcoming stadium build are employed today – maybe not even thinking about a move or leaving their current employer for another.

If you are making excuses, you’ll exclude these candidates right away – likely using the phrases above.

A skilled worker’s complacency could be an easy opportunity to reach out – staying on their radar, telling them your business is expanding and always looking for good tradesman, and, most importantly, letting them evaluate the possibility of taking on a new challenge by taking a look at your current openings.

Outcomes of Focusing on Opportunities

By focusing on the construction staffing opportunities in today’s economy, your processes and organization will be tested – at Goliath, we certainly have been.

Despite the tight market, our pool of quality candidates is deeper, not thinner – and, we better understand the needs of our candidates through thoughtful, thorough conversations about their skills and needs.

We are not ignoring the daily obstacles we face, we’re simply choosing to refocus on persistence.

If your team focuses on the opportunities (not excuses) created by the tight labor pool, you may start to see your collective strengths rise to the top – and, on the other end, some weaknesses amplified.

In the end, you may be left asking:

Are we more responsive than our competition?

Why aren’t we winning more?

What’s our image on the job sites?

Do skilled workers in the field see us as a company to grow with?

Is my team making excuses or focusing on opportunities?

These ideas are not “pie in the sky” and, as importantly, shouldn’t take years to implement.

You need to fill positions today – so start refocusing now.

Those solutions, may very well begin with converting excuses to opportunities – and candidates to employees.

Goliath is ready to efficiently help you navigate the construction staffing market.  Contact Us today!


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