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What Contractors Want to See In Superintendents

What Makes a Good Superintendent?

You won’t have to scroll far on our job board to see numerous postings for Superintendents.  No matter where you live, the need is there.

Whether you’ve applied and been turned down for a Superintendent position in the past or are just now flirting with the idea of doing so, your first step should be developing a full understanding of what is required.

Must Have Superintendent Skills

Any job posting for a Superintendent will likely start by talking about (a) supervisory skills and (b) executing to the project plan.

This quickly tells you that having proven leadership skills is a priority.  If you haven’t led a team or managed a successful project, look for opportunities to do so right away.

Not only is leadership ability a must – other soft skills like tenacity and professionalism matter.

But, before you declare yourself unprepared to apply, take time to examine when you have led – a small team on a tiny piece of a project, in the development of a new process or while training new tradesmen on the job.

Although relatively minor to you, these experiences are valuable and should absolutely be part of the resume you will consider submitting.

What Hiring Manager Are REALLY Looking For

The hiring managers we work with at Goliath, at minimum, look for four characteristics in potential Superintendents:

  1. If you have a “hoppy” resume, there is a tendency for managers to assume you’ve run from bad work or, even worse, been previously fired.  A candidate with fewer projects but more stability will typically have a leg up in the interview process.
  2. Continuous Career Growth. Take a look at your resume and make sure that it displays career expansion.  This trajectory of growth could be in size of projects you’ve worked on, the project’s budget, how long the contract was for or in the expansion of your responsibilities while on the project.  Focus on showing the hiring manager a career that is evolving.
  3. Technological Savvy. We’d encourage all potential Superintendents to immediately develop a love for (not aversion to) technology. Whether you master Bluebeam or Microsoft Office products, highlighting your ability to use available technology to manage a project is important in the eyes of hiring managers.
  4. Journeyman’s License. While having a Journeyman’s license is not a requirement for all Superintendent positions, it is an additional “feather in your cap” for an applicant.  From the seat of a hiring manager, more training and industry certifications is ALWAYS a good thing.  And, although there are no guarantees, a Journeyman’s license will allow for some bargaining power if/when a job offer comes in.

Am I Ready to be a Superintendent?

Armed with an idea of what skills are required and the expertise hiring managers are looking for in a Superintendent is powerful.

But, does that make you ready to hit the “SUBMIT” button with your current resume?

Before you apply, take some time this week to pay close attention to the Superintendent at your current project.  Check out their day, their interactions and the issues they are running into each day at the job site.

Ask yourself:

How would I do things differently/better/more efficiently? 

What does my resume tell the hiring manager about who I am, how I’d work and what I’ve accomplished?

Why would I be as/more successful in this role?

The ability to answer these questions coupled with the knowledge of what is expected and a track record of success should compel you to hit “Submit” and take your next career leap.

Not sure if you’re ready?  Goliath can help.

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