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4 09, 2019

Innovation Between the Veteran and the Rookie

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Any parent can tell you – our kids are far better at maneuvering technology than we are.  We’re not tech-dumb, it will simply take us more time to find the solution than to ask them to help.  The same technological gap between seasoned veteran employees and the new generation of workers being hired is widening. Scaling that momentous divide between young employees (who grew up using technology) and tenured craftsman (who might shun it) takes more than a sturdy bridge.  Connecting these divergent groups takes cooperation through a concept called Reverse Mentoring; to tackle a challenge that many companies have [...]

29 07, 2019

Can Fortnite Bring Kids to Construction?

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The f-word, at least in our house, is Fortnite.  My kids love the wildly popular game and I’d rather they be playing in the front yard.  And, while I don’t hate the game, I simply have no appetite for managing the time my kids are spending with technology each hot, summer day. Kids should be outside – just like I used to be during the summers of my childhood.  The more I read about technology shaping today’s business environment, the more I feel I might be wrong. Whether it be playing video game or scouring the internet for ways to [...]

26 06, 2019

Effectively Tiptoeing Into the Job Market Without Burning Bridges

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In my home, the concept of tiptoeing brings me back – to a time where a bad dream would have my daughter begging to crawl into our cozy bed during the middle of the night. Thankfully, that tiptoeing has stopped. The only tiptoeing I hear anymore comes from skittish, mildly unhappy craftsmen that are considering a job search after years of steady work - caught between wanting to make a change and enjoying their current stability. Much has been made about the lack of qualified candidates in the job market. The best workers are, in fact, currently working. The construction [...]

23 05, 2019

Trends in Construction Segments – What’ Up, What’s Down(ish)

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Whether on the job market or curious about the industry, knowing the trajectory of the construction market is a valuable tool for any future leader.  From our unique vantage point of working with construction companies and skilled workers, we are consistently watching Residential and Commercial construction data. Understanding the markets where we work helps us get better at anticipating needs.  It may, in fact, help job seekers and hiring managers do the same. Market 1: Residential Construction Update Using data released on May 16 from the Census, current trends in residential construction are a mixed bag of slow growth and [...]

2 05, 2019

So Tell Me About Yourself

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By the time you step into an interview, your confidence is brimming about your technical fit for the job.  Without doubt, you are ready to talk about past accomplishments how they prepared you for this new opportunity.  Yes, walking an interviewer through your resume is not problem – you could do that in your sleep, right? Are you ready, though, for the hiring manager’s first, face-to-face conversation that will begin with them simply saying, “Tell us about yourself”? If you’re not prepared for this common question, you’re not alone.  And, as benign as the statement sounds, your answer is important. [...]

12 04, 2019

Hiring Delay Dos and Don’ts to Land the Best

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No one wants to delay the hiring process.  Frankly, if asked, hiring managers and candidates looking for jobs say that getting the job of their dreams takes far too long.  Hiring, even in the tightest of labor markets, though, is a marathon (not a sprint). Job postings become stale, searches tend to drag, offers linger and decisions work through the ecosystems of the Human Resources chain at, too often, a snail’s pace. Delays happen and, often, for justifiable reasons: The net cast for candidates is wider in the tight labor market. Pools of candidates come into the process at differing [...]

21 02, 2019

Is There Danger in Hiring the Cultural Fit?

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We’d be naive to say that working alongside like-minded people isn’t initially easier. Yes, the first day for a new employee entering an environment that feels entirely comfortable can make the on-boarding process seem simpler for all.  Does that first day comfort, though, translate into long- term employee performance? The data suggests that it might not. In fact, if it is true that nearly half of new hires fail in the first 18 months of employment because they cannot assimilate into the new environment, it could be said that hiring a candidate because they are the closest match to the [...]

19 02, 2019

Workplace Trends Candidates and Hiring Managers Shouldn’t Ignore

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I might describe the Forbes list of 19 Workplace Predictions for 2019 as, both, on the mark and completely off-the-wall.  I agree with some points and disagree with others. The list was proactive, but, more importantly, brought up workplace trends that may scope the work of candidates looking for jobs and hiring managers looking to fill positions during the upcoming year - Trends For Job-Seekers: There is a workplace trend in candidates advancing their job searches through their own personal network. Applicants may start their search online but will turn to trusted sources quickly for insider tips and information. The Undercover [...]

17 12, 2018

In the New Year, Resolve to Get Your Career in Shape

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As you ring in 2019, what have you vowed to do? Hit the gym more often? Lose weight? Save more money? Go on a summer vacation? Spend more time at home? These are great personal goals.  Have you, though, thought about your professional mission? During the holidays is an opportune time to assess your career and your intentions for the upcoming year – even if you have no plans to leave your current role. Employees should resolve to: Refresh your Resume If you plan to enter the job market anytime during the next year and haven’t dusted your resume off [...]

19 11, 2018

Due a Raise? Three Tips for Building Your Case to Convince Your Boss

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When you accepted your current job, you were prepared with data to defend the salary you were demanding. You researched your market value with sites like Glassdoor. You came up with a figure that you felt was reasonable and, at last, your boss agreed. What about now? Not feeling the love? That initial agreement might feel like a distant memory and, as you approach the end of the calendar year, now may be the time to re-visit that discussion. In today’s business environment, most employees get small, cost-of-living based annual merit increases to their salary.  And, managers will assume that [...]