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5 Qualities of Good Project Managers

Becoming a Project Manager can be a HUGE career step – and a daunting one at that.

Judging from the volume of resumes we see for the numerous Project Manager roles we post, gaps often exist between a hiring manager’s expectations and the qualifications of candidates applying for these positions.

At Goliath, we address this gap each day – matching the right candidate up to the right opportunities that are in-line with the expectations of the companies looking to hire a new Project Manager.

Given that track record, below is our list of “must-have” qualities of Project Managers.  If you’re thinking of applying to become a Project Manager, understanding these qualities is a good place to start.

Project Manager Quality #1: Stability

Hiring managers want to see resumes that show longevity on the projects you’ve worked.

Given the commitment required of Project Managers, having a proven track record of seeing a project to completion is important.

If your resume is “hoppy”, all is not lost – start to form a story around your jumps from one project to another.  Be prepared to prove to the hiring manager that you haven’t run from bad work during your career stops.

Project Manager Quality #2: Managing a Budget

One essential task of a Project Manager will involve managing the project’s budget.

Not only will this require an understanding of the numbers, a Project Manager has to be able to help all workers understand the importance of meeting the budget.

As you think about putting a resume together for a future P.M. role, make sure to list times where you’ve worked within a budget – making sure to highlight those times where you or your team has delivered under budget.

Project Manager Quality #3: Concise Communicator

Communication is a key skill that all Project Managers must master.

Not only must a P.M. be able to develop a good working relationship with their coworkers on the job site, they will work closely with clients and vendors.

Does your resume show how you’ve worked with others in the past?  If not, make sure to list ways you’ve worked directly with others during your career path.

Project Manager Quality #4: Career Growth into the PM Role

One of the toughest things to do when you apply for a new position is to take a step back and really assess your qualifications as a hiring manager would.

When you look at your career path, does it show building experiences that are leading you to the Project Manager role?

A hiring manager will, no doubt, want to see building responsibilities and expanding roles leading up to a management role.

If you’re not entirely sure all of the things a Project Manager will have to juggle, this article documents 20 quick pieces of advice directly from P.M.’s in the field.

If you have a difficult time objectively assessing your resume against the job posting requirements, calling in a professional to do so might be the right move – we can help.

Project Manager Quality #5: Continuous Education

When you apply for the Project Manager role, make sure to list any certifications, licenses or additional training you’ve done in the past.  If you have not done formal training, be sure to show your willingness to learn through the positions you’ve held.

As any candidate begins looking at a new Project Manager position, the list above should help you craft your resume for those qualities you’ve mastered – leaving the “work-in-progress” qualities as less important.

For example, if you’ve always worked from the beginning to the end of a project, the stability you bring to the Project Manager role should very clear on the resume you submit.

If your track record shows a mastery of very technical skills, your resume should highlight how that expertise will enable you to hit the ground running as their next Project Manager.

Armed with an idea of what hiring managers look for in applicants and the skills that you bring to the table will enable you to confidently make the leap into Project Management.

Need help crafting a resume for your next position?  Contact Goliath – we can help!

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