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3 Keys to Presenting a Job Offer

Most articles written about the topic of job offers center on the applicant – how to counter-offer, what they should to look for in the offer details, questions to ask and how quickly to respond.

Left out in these resources is advice for the other side – the point of view of the hiring manager presenting the offer.  There are few things written about best practices in crafting and presenting job offers and, in a labor market that has excess applicants, the lack of information for recruiters might be just fine.

The construction labor market, though, is tight – requiring hiring managers to put together a job offer that stands above the others that a candidate might be considering.

Creating and presenting an offer is about more than a template that lays out compensation, benefits and a start date.  A job offer in today’s market is about closing a long interview process with the candidate that will be the best fit.

While each hiring manager has their own style, we encourage all clients to employ, at minimum, three best practices that make a job offer stand out.

Job Offer Tip #1: Be prompt, succinct and personal when presenting the offer.

One absolute “must” when readying to present an offer is delivering as promised to the candidate.  If, when you spoke last, you told the applicant that an offer would be delivered in the next two days – you should deliver or, at minimum, check-in with the candidate if there happen to be any unforeseen delays in getting the proper internal approvals.  There is no bigger trust-breaker for a candidate than delivering an offer a week later than you promised.

When a hiring manager presents the initial job offer, the conversation should not be devoid of energy and personal touches.  While the templated offer letter is likely to be standard, the way an offer is presented to the candidate should not be.

There are several ways to make an offer personal.   Some ways are outlined by in an article by Accolo.com and seem simple – like recapping what has been discussed on previous conversations about salary, start date or what features of the offer might draw the applicant’s immediate attention.

It is important to show energy and empathy while presenting an offer – changing the tone of the conversation from sterile and formal to a chat professional colleagues might have at the office.

Job Offer Tip #2: Tell the candidate what to expect.

After presenting a personalized offer that outlines the company’s interest in having the candidate join the organization, hiring managers should take the opportunity to immediately lay out the next steps – for both parties.

First, the candidate should understand the hiring company’s desired timeline for them to provide feedback for the offer.  Hiring managers should provide enough time for the applicant to make an informed decision without jeopardizing the availability of other qualified candidates that are awaiting the same job offer.

Next, hiring managers should walk the candidate through a rough, high-level outline of actions expected from them between the time that an offer is accepted to their first day on the job.  This conversation, although brief, shows the candidate that the company has a plan to on-board them if they choose to become part of their team.

Job Offer Tip #3: Get on their side of the phone.

It is a difficult decision for anyone to leave a job – even after several rounds of interviews and an attractive job offer.  For that reason, hiring managers often underestimate the power of the candidate’s current company to convince them to stay.

According to Inc., “…one-third of the candidates who refused a job did so because they accepted a counter-offer from their current employers.”

Although receiving the offer is each candidate’s goal, the decisions the offer asks them to make cause stress and anxiety – allowing doubt to dampen their initial excitement.  Hiring managers should convey empathy and offer support to the candidate as they make their decision.

These best practices are particularly important in today’s tight labor market – where standing out is more important than ever.

A recent article by Monster.com talks about the mentality of a company looking to hire qualified candidates when demand for those applicants is fierce, rightfully saying:

“…it is not just about choosing the best, but making sure the best want to choose you too.” 

Make sure the best candidates pick your job offer – through a thoughtful approach to presenting an offer that turns a qualified candidate into a valued teammate.

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